Review of Nikon D7300, release date, price

Not so much time has passed since the release of a hot new Nikon D7200 but talks about the next model – D7300 – have already started. People are concerned with the price of a new camera and whether the company will go to the expense of having at least the same buffer size as D300/D300s does. Maybe the matter is that the difference between Nikon D7100 and D7200 appeared not to be so noticeable or we just want too much from the crop-camera of D7200 but opinions as for the necessary and useful release of Nikon D7200 were greatly divided. Most beginners who considered D7100 or D7000 being their first digital SLR were pleased to have more functional characteristics in D7200 just by overpaying. The situation is different with the owners of D7100 and one or two owners of D7000 as they didn’t see the point in selling their devices in order to get a newer camera with the built-in WI-FI function and insignificant increase in buffer size. Therefore, even now the burning question is what Nikon company will invent in order not to surpass but at least to achieve the success of D300/D300s or D7100?

Review of Nikon D7300

D7300 will allegedly have the vari-angle touchscreen interface as a newly released D5500 does. However, Canon started to apply this improvement in their cameras as early as in 2012. The number of megapixels is likely to remain the same (24 mp), especially if we consider the diffraction limit and the file size. Anyway, who knows if the company makes a new compression technology and constructs a new sensor, then we can speak about 30 mp or 24 mp with improved performance in D7300. As for a visual view there will be a change not only in a flippy screen but also in buttons location.

The camera buffer

When D300 and D300s went out of production there appeared an important issue as for buffer capacity. After these models 3 cameras from a set of D7XXX came out but an accessible buffer size has answered customers’ demands in none of them. Of course Nikon not only forgot about the buffer size or regarded it to be irrelevant; they artificially cut down the functional characteristics in order not to harm the budget sales. We want all functions now and at a cheaper price. So we will be waiting and calling for a new model to be released.

Release date of Nikon D7300

The release date of this model has not announced yet. Supposedly it will happen at the end of 2016 or at the beginning of 2017.

The price of Nikon D7300

Nikon D7300’s body will cost approximately the same as D7200 do, namely 1200$ or 1700$ with camera-lens Nikkor 18-140mm f/3.5-5.6G ED VR in a set.
Of course if a new Nikon D7300 has a flippy touchscreen and 30 mp sensor it will considerably increase the price.

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