Review of Nikon D5, price, specifications

Review of Nikon D5

Nikon D5

It has been 2 years since Nikon released its best camera for the time being – D4s which will be replaced by Nikon D5 in 2016. It is hard to imagine how it is possible to improve such a powerful device with just phenomenal features and functions. Nevertheless, it appears so and every year when we have a new model, we get more and more opportunities to realize our creative ideas.
So, the appearance of Nikon D5 will remain the same and the owners of D4 / D4s won’t have to get used to another arrangement of buttons and ergonomics in general. Even if the dynamic range rises, probably, it won’t rise a lot and will be within 13EV-13,5EV. There is no point in increasing the number of pixels, so to meter exposition the same 91000 pixels will remain.
This model is unlikely to have a rotary display whereas this upgrade would be significant and convenient for shooting pictures almost from any angles, especially as regards video shooting.

The expected characteristics of Nikon D5


I would like to draw your attention to the current trend implying that with each new model in this range Nikon increases the maximum possible value by one stop that is by twice. On this basis, it becomes interesting if there will be enough opportunities for ISO at the rate of 819,200. Perhaps Nikon will surprise us with a new EXPEED5 by this time. In fact, first of all it is a marketing mix, and then, in rare cases, it is a useful improvement as the amount of noise in the photos will be catastrophic. But the operating value of the sensitivity in D5 is likely to increase by 200 (compared to D4s) and will be approximately 3000.


For those who like to shoot video on a DSLR there is also good news: D5 is likely to be able to shoot in 4K!

Battery capacity

The battery capacity is also expected to increase from 2500 mah to 3000, which will, accordingly, increase the duration of video recording and the number of shots to a full discharge by approximately 500 (as a comparison, D4s had 3020).


From hearsay the new camera will receive a 24-megapixel sensor with the EXPEED4 processor (The release of a new EXPEED5 generation is quite possible).

Shutter Speed

From hearsay the speed of a shutter in D5 will be 14-15 fps per second, which is a great improvement as compared to 11 fps per second in D4s.

Focus point

The increase in number of focus points is expected as the main competitor of Nikon – Canon – already uses a 61-point AF system in a few models and for Nikon 51-point AF system is still its maximum. Of course it is quite enough, but for a reporting shooting with all sorts of dynamic modes (3D, d, etc.) the accuracy of the forecast of the object movement increases.

The price of body Nikon D5

The price of a new flagship is likely to be in the same price category as D4s, namely about $6000.

Testing of D5

Undoubtedly, the camera will show magnificent results in comparison with its predecessors, but we will judge in practice when it comes out.
Release date is January of 2016

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