Review of Nikon D3500 (D3400), release date, price.

Every year Nikon corporation updates its budget cameras line of 3000-th series, and now we already have Nikon D3500. From hearsay after D3300 there will be D3500 instead of D3400.  That’s how, for unknown reasons, Nikon jumped from D5300 to D5500. Looking at the changes that appear from model to model, an experienced photographer certainty realizes that 90% of buyers are beginners whose primary purpose is to LEARN to take photos and for them there is no sense in overpaying for having more megapixels or slightly bigger stock of frames to a full discharge. However, we, people, find it natural to want to get more and newer and at a cheaper price.

Though for the beginner the most of updates is difficult to notice with the naked eye or without considering each photo pixel-by-pixel, but it is worth noting that every year each new model of amateur cameras is rapidly increasing its quality and reliability. Unfortunately, this progress is artificially slowed down by manufacturers themselves not to suffer losses on sales of more expensive models.

Review of Nikon D3500 (D3400)

Nikon D3500

The most important technical characteristics which may be slightly improved

  • The matrix resolution Nikon D3500 (D3400) will remain the same, namely 24 megapixels
  • The maximum ISO value will remain the same 25,600
  • The speed ​​range 30 s -1/4000 s does not change since the very first model in a set shutter and there is no point in increasing it up to 1/8000 in Nikon D3500, so it will remain the same.
  • Color depth is also at a high-level (24.3 bit) and if it even increases it will be only by 2-3 tenths of a bit and, what is more, it won’t be noticeable even on expensive optics.
  • A new model is likely to have the enlarged battery capacity, which will give the ability to increase quantity of shots to a full discharge of the accumulator (now it makes up 700)
  • Exposure Compensation will remain the same (from -5EV to 5EV)
  • The number of focus points will remain the same (11, one of which is cross-type), but to increase the cost it will be possible till 39/9
  •  Frame speed will remain the same: 5 fps per second, and we can only wait when cameras of a higher level will increase their indicators
  • Wi-fi is unlikely to appear

Release date of NIkon D3500 (D3400)

The exact release date of D3500 (D3400) isn’t defined yet, but from hearsay it will be the first half of 2016.

Price of Nikon D3500 (D3400)

The price of the novelty in a set of kit 18-55 will be about $650 and the price for the body will be about $450.


This review of Nikon D3400 (D3500) shows that progress is not standing still, and the more new models come out in the most budgetary series from Nikon – 3xxx, the closer they get to the characteristics of higher class models, for example, D5200/D5300/D5500. In fact, a flippy touchscreen, a touch focus as well as the number of focus points still leave a set of 3xxx behind, however, in my opinion, the most important thing is the image quality and it is hard to distinguish between a budget device and an average one.

Nevertheless, not much improving the quality of new models the manufactures just raise the price and confuse inexperienced beginners by adding different “frills” like Wi-fi or GPS. Thus, due to a couple of useless upgrades the price of Nikon D3400 (D3500) goes up by $ 50 comparing to its predecessor D3300. Undoubtedly, the novelty will have excellent quality of images with high resolution, but at the same time we should bear in mind that the main purpose of this camera is to learn to make photos and give a start in working with SLR camera.

Those, who say that having bought a cheap camera they quickly outgrew it, actually talk nonsense as only by changing a few lenses not a few bodies they can fully develop their creative skills. The picture itself, background degradation, distortion of the picture and the area that captures the frame and the quality of the image depend first of all on a lens and only a little on the camera. So, if there is a possibility to buy a cheaper camera (desirably just a body), but more expensive lens – don’t even think, just do it. Believe me a cheaper camera + expensive lens will make your pictures much better and much more qualitative, than a more expensive body + kit lens.

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